10 Great Colleges With The Best Study Abroad Programs

10 great colleges with the best study abroad programs

College programs to study abroad allow students to continue their education while heading to a foreign country. Typically, the student’s college in the U.S. forms partnerships with overseas universities, allowing their students to attend lectures or conduct research while they’re in the other country.

When it comes to how to sign up for a study abroad program, the rules can vary. Every college or university operates its own program, and it can set unique requirements regarding eligibility and requesting to join. However, most study abroad programs have a few things in common. First, there’s an application separate from their original college application. Usually, it involves some extra details, including passport numbers, emergency contact information, and desired travel dates. Second, there’s a selection process. Precisely what that involves may vary from one program to the next. However, most colleges take a few points into consideration, including current major and past academic performance. Finally, there’s a payment. Just like with traditional tuition, students have to cover the cost of their time studying abroad. Additionally, they may be required to acquire study abroad insurance through the school.

There can be other steps. For example, students may need to get a student visa for the destination country. Typically, study abroad program administrators can fill students in on those details. Exploring the world while furthering your education is possible if you choose the right school. Here are 10 colleges with the best study abroad programs.

Yes, students can find scholarships to study abroad. First, some scholarships allow students to sign up for programs through schools in the United States. This can include general scholarships that can go toward a range of expenses and specialized scholarships designed to make study abroad opportunities more accessible. Second, students can find scholarships for international educational programs. Often, these awards involve going to an overseas college or university as an international student or an exchange student, which is a different approach. However, it can accomplish a similar goal.


One of the best colleges for study abroad, Colorado College uses a unique learning format, opting for a block approach over traditional semesters or quarters. Not only does this allow students to focus on a single class at a time, but it also makes fitting in studying abroad a breeze. Plus, studying abroad is common at Colorado College. Between 70 and 80 percent of the students study away from campus for at least one academic credit. Plus, for those who want longer experiences, there are opportunities to take advantage of semester-long programs.

Another of the best schools for studying abroad, Kalamazoo College offers more than showing just how commonplace studying abroad is at this particular school. Plus, students can earn credits through cultural research projects, allowing them to further their academic careers as they explore the community while traveling. It encourages immersion, leading to a stronger understanding and, often, better foreign language skills.

When it comes to colleges with the best study abroad programs, Goucher College easily qualifies. This smaller liberal arts school doesn’t just encourage students to spend time learning abroad; it requires it. Since that’s the case, the college makes the process of heading abroad easy. Overall, there are about 60 programs with opportunities in 32 different countries. Some journeys last just three weeks, while others may last a year or anything in-between. For students that believe studying abroad is a priority, that could make this school an ideal fit.

While Middlebury College is a smaller liberal arts college, the study abroad program is incredibly well-developed. There are 16 programs through affiliate universities, giving a decent amount of variety. Plus, faculty members oversee the experience. One nice feature is that students can tailor their studying abroad experience, allowing it to meet their academic needs. Since that’s done with assistance from Middlebury College staff, there’s no risk that customization won’t lead to college credit.

For students that want to spend a full academic year abroad, Pepperdine University is one of the best study abroad college programs to do just that. While abroad, students live in facilities owned by Pepperdine University, making the process far easier to manage. Plus, faculty also attend, giving students a critical touchstone. Students can choose from destinations spread across six continents. Whether they want to head to Barcelona, Fiji, Uganda, or take advantage of one of the leading Japan study abroad programs, students can often do so with ease.

The NYU study abroad program is broadly recognized as one of the best in the nation, and with good reason. It’s comprehensive and accessible, with opportunities available for students as early as their first academic year. Plus, tuition is fully transferable to the program, simplifying the financial side of the equation. NYU offers popular destinations, such as Berlin and Sydney. Additionally, there are options that aren’t always available with other schools, including Abu Dhabi, Accra, and Shanghai. Ultimately, there’s likely a program that’ll meet any student’s needs, making this a solid choice.

If your student is looking for the best study abroad programs, San Diego State University is an excellent choice. The school has partnered with a vast network of educational institutions, covering more than 50 countries. Plus, through the agreements, students can maintain their home tuition rate, making the experience more affordable for many. Program options are also comprehensive, adding a bit of versatility. Students can choose from short seminars, two-day excursions, or semester-long experiences, allowing them to select a duration that makes sense for them.

If your student is searching for one of the best college study abroad programs, the University of Texas-Austin has a lot to offer. It has arrangements with 130 partner schools all across the globe, so students have plenty of choices. Plus, students have access to summer trips or semester-long programs, making studying abroad more versatile. Here, students also get help with the financial side of the equation. They can speak with advisors who can provide guidance regarding using financial aid, potentially making this option more affordable for students who couldn’t otherwise cover the cost.

When it comes to large study abroad programs, Texas A&M is hard to beat. In total, there are 400 programs across 110 countries giving students more options that they will usually finds elsewhere. Along  with traditional exchanges, there are faculty-led excursions, making it easier for students to find the approach that works best for them. One unique feature is that Texas A&M will also allow students to potentially earn college credit through independent travel. If the experience is deemed worthwhile, the school may even give students access to institutional funding to cover costs during their trip.

With the University of Washington study abroad program, many opportunities are instructor-led. That gives students a sense of familiarity while they head to another country, which can be beneficial for many students. Plus, the school partners with over 70 overseas educational institutions, allowing it to offer more than 250 different program options. Whether it’s a major-specific experience or an exploration seminar, students have plenty of potential approaches available.

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